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Feb 3, 2001 06:09 PM

Tavern On The Green

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I have reservations at Tavern On The Green while I am in New York this month. Is it worth the trip?

I have reservations for brunch. Would dinner be a better time to go?

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  1. unless you want to pay too much for cafeteria-worthy food in a tacky environment, i'd cancel and go somewhere else. and, not the russian tea room.

    a qualifier: in the late spring, the patio is quite nice for a drink and a simple appetizer. then again, so many other places are even nicer.

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      Eddie Bennet

      As a born and bred New Yorker I would implore you not to go to Tavern on the Green. The food is simply sub-par and I would hate for you to come away with that as your impression of New York dining. If you would give me some parameters as to what you are looking for, it would be my pleasure to suggest to you restaurants that you will truly enjoy.

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        George Lynch

        My wife and I stopped one night for a drink at TOG, and we left without the drink and vowing never to return.

        We had had dinner at Cafe des Artistes and afterward walked along CPW. On a whim, we decided to head into the park to have a post-priandal drink at TOG. This was on a Friday night, maybe 10:00 P.M.

        The long bar was maybe half full, so we plunked ourselves down and waited for one of the young ladies behind the bar to greet us and take our order. And waited. And waited. And finally said the hell with it (after maybe 15 minutes of waiting). I reiterate: the place wasn't all that busy, and we really weren't invisible (except to the bartenders). It became clear to us that we just weren't on their radar screens and were not going to be.

        On the way out, I sought out the hostess and asked her if the restaurant had another bar. When she said no, I told her that we couldn't get anyone at their main bar to take our money. She just shrugged and turned her attention elsewhere.

        I'm sorry they got that 15 minutes of our lives, but I'm happy they didn't get a nickel from us.

        Do yourselves a favor: go elsewhere.

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        1. re: George Lynch
          yvonne johnson

          and who wants to served by waiters like this one?

          In NYTimes, today's metro section, there's a short article on Restaurant Week (p. 32):

          "A waiter at Tavern on the Green, who declined to give his name, said, 'Cheaper prices means cheaper people.' He [went on to say] many Restaurant Week customers want to substitute other items for those on the prix-fixe menu, ask lots of questions and linger too long at tables they rarely get a chance to sit at."

          1. re: George Lynch

            I am a croquet player, and play at the croquet court in Central Park which is not far fron TOG. During the summer we play until dusk, and then some of us go out for dinner. Years ago, we tried TOG once or twice. It was a disaster. The food, and the service. We never went back. Since we usually go to eat after 7;30 PM, and the Lincoln Center crowd has already departed, the restaurants on Columbus Avenue and side streets are at our beck and call. Why bother eating at TOG with all the tourists. Just walk over to Columbus. After 8, you don't even need reservations.