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Feb 2, 2001 02:41 PM

Black Eyed Suzie's

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Does anyone know what happened to Black eyed Suzie's, an organic vegetarian/vegan restaurant on Seventh Street and Avenue A in the East Village? I wanted to bring a friend there a few weeks ago and couldn't find it. I walked past four or five times and then when I found it, it was darkened, with the awning of Helios, the restaurant next door over it and a note on the window saying "sorry, closed for renovations"

Does this mean that the restaurant next door took it over and is expanding? Or is Black Eyed Suzie's itself doing the renovations? I practically cried when I saw the sign. I loved that place! They had the best tofu and tapenade sandwiches.

Does anyone know?

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  1. I do know that it changed hands a couple of months ago, more upscale and a one-page $14.95 entree menu with less choice. They also redecorated the whole thing, and it lost its charm. All the sides and the tapenade sandwich were GREAT, and the shepherds pie. When I found the "new upscale Suzies" it was one of those painful chowhound moments, when we simply took one look at the menu and regrettably walked out. So I guess the new Suzies didnt take hold. In my mind it closed months ago. Hope this helps.

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      Robert Sietsema

      The space has definitely been taken over by Helios. Sounds greek, right? Nope, Italian.

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        thanks for the response. depression sets in!