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Feb 2, 2001 10:12 AM

La Pizza Fresca -- any recent opinions?

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I have read the posts on the board but the most recent seems to be last May. I have never been and was considering trying it tonight. Any thoughts? Has it recovered from the downhill alerts posted last year or should I pass on it and go someplace else?

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  1. Hi Alex, I went to Fresca twice last year and both times was disappointed so I haven't been back.

    My recommendation is to try Picasso Cafe on 29th Street between Park & Madison Avenue (929-6232). This is the original Picasso Cafe that was located on Bleecker Street. It was sold and the one on Bleecker (still called Picasso) isn't as good. Michael, the original owner and chef now on 29th Street, makes delicious wood-burning thin pizza as well as focaccia sandwiches, salads and a few pasta dishes.

    The 29th Street cafe does a busy lunch but not so at dinner because many people don't really know about it and it's an "off" location after being in the heart of the Village. Ruby

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      Yeah, it's so sad about Pizza Fresca. For their first year they were one of thebest restaurants in NYC in my opinion. Nobody took them seriously enough because they had "pizza" in the name and they were somewhat informal.

      I do not recommend it now. I can't wait to try Picasso, though!