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Feb 1, 2001 06:27 PM


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I highly recommend this new place. Last weekend we decided to try "Quartino" which is on Peck Slip - a few blocks north of South Street Seaport. The name refers to the quarter liter of wine that they'll sell you in lieu of a glass...Anyway, interesting but small wine list...Wonderful food - have the pizza with potato and onion as an appetizer...lots of pastas and mains, too...incredible desserts...and a great italian country sort of atmosphere...the windows were fogged up the night we were there and we could very easily have been in Tuscany or the Cinque Terre. It's out of the way (we live Upper West) but definitely worth it!

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  1. Quartino was quite a suprise. Not traveling to the seaport- hardly ever- was a treat in itself. Lived in Nyc all my life and still haven't been to the Statue of Liberty. Anyway, Quartino is great for 2 or 10 as the room gives ample seating for all big parties and is intimate enough for a little romance. The cheese plate is a nice idea to start-- if you like cheese. The most pungent and tangy parmesan I've ever had. The pizzas were all nice and some of the salads are worthy as well. I reccomend this for a "light" meal as the food is simple and tasty- not overwhelming in portion and fully worth it for the price and the freshness.

    I'll go back again- no doubt about it.