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Feb 1, 2001 04:40 PM

Looking for new, cozy Italian restaurants in the village, maybe soho

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I'll be in the Spring Street/Houston & Bway area early Saturday evening, and am looking for a good Italian restaurant, reasonably priced, casual, and something new to try. Preferably in the Village, but soho/little italy is okay. Any suggestions for an early dinner?

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  1. Not exactly where you're looking for, but close...last weekend we decided to try "Quartino" which is on Peck Slip - a few blocks north of South Street Seaport. The name refers to the quarter liter of wine that they'll sell you in lieu of a glass...Anyway, interesting but small wine list...Wonderful food - have the pizza with potato and onion as an appetizer...lots of pastas and mains, too...incredible desserts...and a great italian country sort of atmosphere...the windows were fogged up the night we were there and we could very easily have been in Tuscany or the Cinque Terre.

    1. Not sure if you meant 'brand new' or just 'new' to you, so with the latter in mind...

      For a cheap, tasty Sohole-in-the wall, you could try Peppe Rosso(which actually spawned a chainlet) which is on the east side of Sullivan, just below Houston - - very good, inexpensive homemade Italian comfort food (ie. homemade pappardelle with chicken and asparagus in a pink sauce, penne with spinach and ricotta, gnocchi gorgonzola, etc.

      If you want to head into the Village, try the new East Post on 2nd betw. 5 & 6 - - bigger than Frank and presumably better than Peppe Rosso, though I've not been yet.

      Unfortunately, my two current faves might be a bit too far East for you: Max on B betw. 3rd and 4th (do a search on this site for more info)and Gnocco on 10th betw. A&B; see NY review:

      And then there's the widely hailed Lupa on Thompson betw. Bleeker and Houston (from the Babbo and Esca boys, Batali and Bastianich), as well as the relative newcomer, Va Tutto, on Cleveland Kenmare and Spring (wood oven-baked pastas from a former Gotham chef).

      Boy, now, I'm really hungry!! Enjoy...

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        Michele Cindy

        RE: Va Tutto, Have you been there? What are the prices like, and are they open for lunch? Thanks.

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          Va Tutto (technically, Va Tutto!; it means Anything Goes) is excellent. I haven't been there for lunch, but I've been there for dinner. Excellent pastas, all fairly simple, plus wonderful single-sized pizzas. I would imagine it's better during the summer, what with local tomatoes being out of season and what not, but it's definitely worth a try. Leave room for dessert.

      2. Try L'Oro DiNapoli at 206 Sullivan Street off Bleecker (212) 995-9200 - They're not listed in the phone book. The atmosphere is cozy & the vibe can be anything between dignified & dancing on the tables! They offer live music most Thursdays & Fridays (OK, my quartet plays there on Thursdays so I'm self promoting a bit...SUE ME! {SMILE})

        The food really is exceptional, so even if you don't come in on a Thursday, you should try it. Simpler pasta dishes start around $8-$10 and prices go up accordingly for steaks and scaloppini, etc. and the antipasto starter is not to be missed.

        There's also a funky late night crowd that starts rolling in between 11 and midnight. Enjoy!