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Feb 1, 2001 01:58 PM

Dinner for Saturday night before De La Guarda?

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The show starts at 10PM. We were advised to dress for possibly getting wet or messy during the show, so I need a good but casual place near the Daryl Roth Theater, for a group of 6 who's open to mostly anything except sushi (2 of the 6 don't like it)

Any suggestions are most appreciated.

Thanks in adavnce.

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  1. There are a couple of informal places in that neighborhood. One of them is the Galaxy Cafe, which is a friendly, but small restaurant with interesting and creative food at very reasonable prices. They are located on 15th St. and Irving Place. Another on 17th and Irving Place is Sal Anthony's which has a varied menu of well prepared Italian classics and some very good specials. Enjoy!

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      Trattoria I Pagliacci 240 Park Ave South good interesting reasonable prices

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        I eat out in this neighborhood fairly often. My favorite place remains Cafe Spice on University(Indian) it's very reasonably priced, has great food in a non-traditional setting(looks more IKEA than 6th st.)

        I like Galaxy a lot too but it is the noisiest restaurant I've ever been to, if that's a consideration for you.


      2. There are several good choices in the neighborhood:

        If you are in the mood for pub food, Old Town Bar & Restaurant on 18th St. btw. Park Ave South & Broadway makes great hamburgers and turkey burgers etc.

        For mexican (via Phoenix, AZ) Los Dos Molinos is on East 18th St. between Park Ave S. & Irving Place. The salsa is actually spicy and the tamales are quite good.

        Also Irving on Irving (Irving Place & 17th St.) is a good American restaurant that recently opened. (It was reviewed in Wednesday's Times). I had a flank steak that I was happy with. The atmosphere is nice, but casual.

        Enjoy the show.

        1. Head straight to the fun and hip Republic (37 Union Sq. West) for extremely affordable and plentiful pan-Asian. The varied broth noodles and straight-up noodles range from wheat to rice to udon to glass to vermicelli and are topped with everything from spicy duck to salmon to cococnut chicken in lemongrass, etc. Great apps, too, and very veg-friendly, overall.