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Jan 30, 2001 10:09 AM


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I've heard both good and bad about Felidia lately. I wonder if the chef, Felidia herself, still cooks there?

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  1. The word "Felidia" actually is a hybrid that refers to two people: Lidia Bastianich and her ex-husband Felix. Of course, when they opened Felidia, he was still very much her husband. She has (or at least had until recently) a cooking show that appears on public television under her own name, and I am pretty sure that she still runs Felidia very closely. Her son is Joseph Bastianich, who own Becco and is a partner with Mario Batali in Babbo.

    Some dirt: as they were gaining fame and fortune, Felix began an affair with a younger woman and eventually asked out of the marriage. Lidia bought him out completely and he went off to Europe to be with his young honey, only to split with her after a relatively short time. I've heard that he would like to get back together with Lidia but she won't have anything to do with him. She decided not to change the name of the restaurant because it had become so well known.

    A group of us had dinner at Felidia some years ago, and two in the group knew both Lidia and Felix pretty well, so they joined us at dinner and bought a bottle of wine for our group. But our feeling afterward was that the restaurant is simply too expensive. I've never heard anyone complain about the food, but I've heard a lot of kvetching about prices.

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      just had dinner at Felidia on 1/25/01. It is pricey but so are all the good restaurants in manhattan. Lydia is a classy women who runs a great and friendly establishment. The quite frankly wonderful. It is like to best home cooking you could get, gourmet style. i've been there, now and then thru the year and it's always great. I've never had a bad meal

    2. Lidia Bastianich is still in the restaurant on a regular basis but she is not the hands on chef.