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Jan 25, 2001 05:32 PM

Grand Sichuan report, please!

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Many of us wish we could join ya'll in the dining festivities..for those who are homebound, please post a report--we'd love to hear how it turned it--food and people info! enjoy

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  1. I plan to report on the food and people. I hope others do as well.

    BTW, some people who are coming have expressed interest in knowing ages and other info about the people coming. Me, as long as come ready to eat, I'm happy to have you, and there's certainly no obligation to post your age or anything else.....

    But, I am a 41 year old married male. I work as a statistician in a nonprofit research organization doing research on AIDS, drug abuse, and sex risk behaviors.

    And, if you're looking for me at the restaurant, I am 5'8" tall, have very dark, very curly hair, and glasses.

    See you all there

    Again, if you're interested in coming and haven't let me know yet, please email or post a message here. I plan to call to reserve on Monday or Tuesday.