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Cafe Gitane

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  • SLAP Jan 25, 2001 03:15 PM
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One of my favorite things to have on a Saturday or Sunday is the Roasted Chicken Sandwich and a Cafe Ole' at Cafe Gitane on Mott and Spring. It can be a bit crowded sometimes. but there is no denying the need for a good cup of coffee in this town. The other items on the menu are pretty good as well. I've had the cousocus on more than one occasion and liked it. Anyone else dig this place?

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  1. I like it pretty well; it is more of a summer spot for me. I like to eat granola there for breakfast. I prefer the coffee at Ceci Cela around the corner, though.

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      I'm new to this board, but have to add that the salmon tartare sandwich at Gitane is the most delicious thing under $10 that I know about in this town.