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Jan 25, 2001 07:20 AM

Grand Sichuan get together

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This is shaping up to be quite a party!

So far, I've heard from Elaine, Cindy, Bill, Cathy (cferrone), Steve, Diane, Lauren, Lisa, Janet, and Cathy (ChelseaSF).

The date is Feb 15, and, since a couple people asked for "later" in the evening, I think 8 is good.

If anyone else wants in, please email me soon. I will call the restaurant early next week to plan.

Has anyone (either in the above list or not) got ideas on how to plan this? With 11 people so far, should we still all order separately? Let the manager handle it? or what?

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  1. Hi Peter,
    8pm sounds good. What I suggest is we can each order what we want but then share it in a smorgasbord. We just have to make sure we don't end up with 5 chicken dishes :-) So we order 1 of everything like 1 chicken dish, one fish dish, one veggie dish, one noodle dish etc. to suit all palates. Let me know if you (or anyone else) thinks this is a good/bad idea. I'm open to any suggestions. :-)


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    1. re: cindy

      Please count me in! This sounds like it's gonna be
      Chowhound Heaven!

      I totally agree with the smorgasbord idea but IMO
      one dish of everything will not be enough to go
      around such as 1 chicken, 1 fish, for several
      people. Maybe we could confer at the table
      (people state their favorites) and also leave
      ourselves open to the waiter's suggestions and
      daily specials. I recently went to Ping's
      with 5 friends and we ordered a few apps plus
      shrimp, noodles, sea bass, chicken, 2-3 veg dishes,
      and everyone was happy. Ruby

      1. re: Ruby

        Thanks, that's a great idea Ruby!!! :-)

        1. re: Ruby

          Just so we get the dumplings in red oil, I'm happy. And we need SEVERAL orders of those!

      2. Since it's going to be such a large group and it seems like folks are interested in trying specialties and more "exotic" dishes, I think Dave's suggestion to let the management make a few recommendations is a good one. I would imagine that they're used to handling big parties. In any case, a big thanks to Peter for orchestrating this!

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        1. re: Lauren
          Michele Cindy

          I second letting the mgmt decide. I'm trying to make it. I have 3 questions.
          1) Which branch of Grand Sichuan is it at?
          2) What if someone doesn't eat meat, but eats seafood?
          3) Is 8pm the decided upon time for sure?

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          The Mad Rapper

          Why has the chat board become your personal email server? This conversation does nothing for the people who read this board and don't know/care who you are.