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Jan 19, 2001 01:14 PM

daily chow - dont bother

  • j

Maybe it was the word "chow" that attracted me, but Id say forget about this place - on the site of the former Bop on the Bowery. This is an asian concept restaurant with food from multi countries the the owners hope to turn into a chain, the blurbs on the door say, but Id say they need to improve their product before they branch out.

Some of the apps on the assorted plate were ok, but no more than that and the dips were insipid. My bibim bop in the stone bowl was incompetent - as I pointed out to the waitress, the osmunda bits were still dry and hard sticks and the ingredient mix was undistinguished - plus the bowl was so hot that it was still cooking the dish 20 min after it came out of the kitchen - I had to spoon out the stuff onto my husbands plate and let it cool to eat it. My husband's kalbi was uninteresting and not much food, and the so-called mongolian BBQ offered only the most ordinary american veg cuts for inclusion (carrots and sliced zucchini??) - Jim initially mistook it for a salad bar!

All in all, a depressing experience.

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  1. totally disagree. ate there twice in the last 2 weeks, thought it was fine.

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    1. re: matt

      Tastes can differ - I would be interested in hearing what dishes you liked; maybe we mis-ordered.

      I thought what we had was bland and dumbed-down - tho a nice space for young folks to socialize - but in terms solely of the food, with fine, authentic asian restaurants presenting real cuisines within walking distance, it seemed hardly worth the time and money. I also question whether a multi-asian concept can be pulled off, without specialized chefs from each of the cuisines.

      1. re: jen kalb

        I have to agree with Jen. I went there a few weeks ago with friends, and it was godawful. 'Fake asian food' we called it. Everything was sickly sweet, and when we requested some asian condiments to temper the flavors, we were told they didn't have any. You've got to wonder about a place like that that doesn't even have vinegar or chili sauce.

        The cocktails, however, were quite enjoyable. I'm a sucker for those ginger-infused vodkas.

        1. re: Lila

          Funny you say that. I thought the cocktails were kind of lame and derivative. and the cold sake was room temperature.

          as for the food, i was there wednesday and again on saturday. both times they had the hot sauce i wanted (vietnamese brand whose name escapes me) along with 2 kinds of vinegar, so maybe they got their act together since then.

          dishes i like: bibimbop, duck rolls, scallion pancake.

          dishes i didn't like: salt & pepper shrimp, massaman curry.

          Look, I'm not saying this is the greatest place in town. you can get better bibimbop on 37th street, better scallion pancakes at grand sichuan, and better massaman curry at little basil. But not under the same roof. that's the point of this place.

          I think chowhound is better suited for critics than fans. no one ever seems to like anything -- you would think that M.K. has never had a decent meal, judging from the constant railing against places that most people seem to enjoy. i'd rather hear about good places than pick apart the bad ones, so it's probably not a good idea to post anymore.

        2. re: jen kalb

          All of the restaurants owned by the same guy who owns Daily Chow suffer from the bland,dumbed dowm problem.Kelly & Ping,Kin Khao,and that awful take out place that just closed on Prince St.Overpriced and underflavored.....