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Jan 19, 2001 12:55 PM

New Green Bo (Redux) and Yellowfish

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Not to replow well-tilled ground, but a delicious meal last night at New Green Bo, and a look at some earlier posts, leave me with a few things to say.

(1) I endorse everything the Alpha Dog has said earlier about New Green Bo--superb food (especially, last night, the Shanghai cabbage and mushrooms)and sweet, gracious staff. (I'll let you know in a month or so if the owner's assured prediction of the sex of my soon-to-be-baby based on belly size and shape was accurate.)

(2) Yellowfish is, I think, a saltwater bottom-fish called a yellow croaker. It was heavily overfished for some time, but Chinese breeding programs and aquaculture have, it seems, rebuilt stocks at least somewhat. It's often dried, which explains its appearance in the cuisine's of inland Chinese regions.

(3) Pass the crab-filled soup dumplings, please.

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  1. Thanks for the yellowfish info. I'm anxious to go and order an all yellowfish meal. The heavenly yellowfish with dried seaweed, of course, and the equally good yellowfish potage. I wonder if they'll make us a whole yellowfish. Maybe some yellowfish with rice cakes.

    "Not to replow well-tilled ground"

    why not? always good to get a new farmer's opinion on the crop (geez, can we stretch this tired metaphor any further?).

    Also, for those reading along, contrary opinions are even more valuable than agreement (balance is essential!!). I personally never get insulted by polite disagreement with my opinions (though I reserve the right to argue back!), and I hope nobody else does, either.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Okay then...I'll venture a dissenting opinion then.

      While the rest of our meal was simply stellar (crispy eel, soup dumpings and a mushroom/egg(?) bean curd(?) cake combo that recommended by our waiter and out of this world) and the service truly inspiring, I found the yellowfish almost inedible. It was the fried w/ seaweed variety, and was greasy to the point of being almost instantaneously quease-inducing. Maybe it was a bad night, but I really couldn't see what all the fuss was about. They seemed like little more than glorified, greasy fish sticks. And hey, I like fish sticks as much as the next Midwestern raised girl, but I just didn't get the raves over these.


      1. re: Kat Kinsman

        Must have been an off night -- when we had the fish sticks they were not at all greasy. Just meltingly tender and moist. They seem to me like the Platonic ideal of fish sticks, the original gem of which the nasty frozen products of my childhood are a corrupt simulacrum.

        1. re: Jeremy Osner

          Im going on 10 yr old memories of this dish from Say Eng Look/456, but my recollection is rather fish-sticky too - not greasy, but texturally. Its not one of those pearly-fleshed sublime fish dishes - and Id venture to say they were using frozen fish in those days too, and maybe still are today. But the overall package was tasty and interesting. Im looking forward to checking out the New Green Bo version soon.

        2. re: Kat Kinsman

          wow, I totally believe you, but I'm totally stunned. I"m quite sure you wouldn't have found them greasy/queasy the times I've had 'em. And this place doesn't slip up much.

          The all essential question: what day of the week were you there?

          hope you can do your part for the never-ending effort to track chefs' off nights,


          1. re: Jim Leff

            It was last Friday night, early-ish. Mind you, the greasiness did not hinder the plate's absolute cleanliness at the end of the meal. Can't speak for my dining companion's well being (I don't suppose he'd argue the fact that he ate the lion's share of 'em), but I was just not feelin' so good. The follow-up tea at that relatively new tea house lower on Mott than Saint's Alp sure didn't help either. Ugh. Avoid.


            1. re: Kat Kinsman

              Just to be clear--the "avoid" part was about the tea house, and *not* New Green Bo.