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Jan 19, 2001 11:15 AM

Bayou Restaurant

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I read a short description of Bayou at 308 Lenox Avenue near 125th Street, 426-3800 in the Eating Out section of the Times today. Has anyone been to Bayou? If so, how was it and how would you compare it to the popular Sylvia's?

Thanks, Ruby

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  1. Went to Bayou last week for dinner and was thoroughly UNimpressed. Crawfish etoufee was really bland and the crawdads were awfully fishy tasting. The trio of fried foods was not particularly good either...the catfish was basically raw. The gumbo was flavorless and the bean salad in a truffle lemon vinaigrette was huge but totally UNinspiring. The fish dish (they ran out of catfish so I think it was grouper) in an almond sauce was actually pretty good. I also liked their fried oyster appetizer with brie on top. Oh yea, the place ain't cheap and IMO not worth a visit.