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Jan 18, 2001 08:52 PM

This Saturday Night Downtown

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I have been asked at this late date to reserve for 4
of us at a "downtown" restaurant. It should be funky I'm told. Were can we get into for Saturday night that fits the bill?

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  1. Well, not knowing what you mean by "funky" and not knowing you or your guests' tastes, I will suggest Walker's on the corner of Varick and North Moore. It's a real, authentic New York pub, directly across the street from the 1st Precinct, and they not only have a bar that gets filled with Tribeca regulars, they have two dining rooms that many might describe as "funky". They also serve up a creditable pub grub menu, with some items that rise to quite good.

    Another place I'd recommend that might fit the bill is the Riverrun, on Franklin Street, just up the block from the Tribeca Grill.

    I think both these places can be pretty good, but I'm sure you would get other opinions if you ask around. But they are both long-time Tribeca institutions that I think fit the "funky" mold.

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      Larry Langford

      Two words........WO HOP.....13 Mott Street.

      1. Radio Perfecto, on Avenue B. It's decorated with all sorts of old-tyme radios, and it's got the best chicken this side of, well, anywhere. Plus, it may be all you can get at this point, although you may want to give Monk on Fifth Street a shot. Good luck.

        1. The subject says it all...