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Jan 18, 2001 09:47 AM

Help: need a restaurant near Port Authority

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I need suggestions for a place relatively near the Port Authority, mid-priced. Any suggestions? (Not Italian please.)

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  1. Han Bat on 53 W.35th st makes some great Korean Chow.

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      there's a really nice bistro-ish place, market, on 9th ave between 36th and 37th. great mexican at los dos rancheros (9th and 38th) even if it's a bit rough when it comes to ambience and presentation, a pretty good jamaican place on 9th and 40th, plus loads of other options on 9th ave above 42nd street.

    2. Chez Gnagna Koty's on 9th Ave around 39th Street serves good West African/Senegalese.

      Dos Rancheros on 9th Ave on the corner of 38th Street serves some of the best Mexican in Manhattan. This place is a bit downscale, and serves a largely Mexican clientele, but still outstanding stuff.

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      1. re: Eric

        Anybody know anything about Riconcito [sic] Mexicano on 39th between 8th and 9th? The place used to get raves about its authenticity. All I ordered there recently were soft tacos and wasn't blown away, so is it worth a breakfast or any other return trip?

        Diane--try searching "Hell's Kitchen" or 9th Ave on the site. There've been a couple of threads which might be helpful to you.

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          thanks, i've settled on los dos rancheros. hopefully the food will be as fetching as its rhyming name.

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            While you are in that nabe, do yourself a favor and stroll by Sandwich Planet which is located on the East side of 9th Ave. betw. 39th and 40th (I think!). The folks behind Island Burgers and Shakes opened this hole-in-the-wall about a year-and-a-half ago, I'm guessing. Anyway, it may be tiny, probably seats only 10-15 people, but it is delicious. About 75 different sandwiches served on Sullivan Street Bakery breads - - choices range from panini to focaccia to club sandwiches to melts, etc. Top-notch ingredients, excellent size, good value, and creative combos as well as traditional. They also have salads. check it out!

            1. re: Jimmy Z.

              oh wow, you made my day, thanks. I love sandwiches and my all-time favorite place Bread & Butter on Elizabeth closed last year. What are your favorite sandwiches here? I want spicy, crunchy sandwiches.

            2. re: Diane

              Nothing new to add, but if you do a search on "Los Dos Rancheros," you will see many posts about recommendations. Just keep in mind that the specials rotate, so not everything will be available at any given time.

          2. re: Eric

            I'm not sure what all the hype was about, but the best thing about this place was the black beans and the festive atmosphere, which I don't underappreciate. But the chicken seemed old and overshredded, and I tried not to look at it while eating. There was hardly any chicken, too, as it was smothered in mole. (I got poblano mole) The rice was edible, I guess. The mole sauce seemed good, and basically authentic, but not fine cuisine by any stretch. It was way too chocolatey and much too spicy (hot). Hmm. The chips and dip were disgusting and the flour tortillas seemed like they'd been in the refrigerator too long. Nonetheless, it was a comfortable spot, and dirt cheap. But to anyone else who's reading this, I wouldn't recommend it to others.