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Jan 16, 2001 01:49 PM

Malaysian Beef Jerky + $4 Chinese buffet

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I was wondering around Chinatown yesterday, and came across two places that sold 5-6 varieties of Malaysian beef jerky, which looked as if maybe it's cooked after it's dried (anyone???). One was on Pell St., one on Elizabeth, I think. I'm not that familiar with it, or all the various flavors, so I was wondering about anyone's experience with these. The meat is only sold by weight, so they don't seem too convenient for snacking.

Also, unrelated -- I think i found the $4 buffet place that was mentioned a couple of weeks ago -- 45 division.

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  1. the one on elizabeth is new foo key (#95A elizabeth 965-0796), a gary cheong discovery. it's amazing. both gary and I suggest only the plain variety.

    very different from chinese beef's served warm, and it's moist.

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      over the last three years i've had every type of jerky at the place on elizabeth and there's not one i would not recommend. as for "selling by the pound," all that means is that the shop weighs what they give you and charges accordingly. i've never had a problem getting just one or two pieces - perfect for snacking.