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Jan 15, 2001 07:00 PM

anyone been to arqua lately?

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Arqua (281 Church st) used be one of my fav italian places. Lovely room, good food, fine service, and there's no mistaking you are in NY--If you sit on the window side, you see the go-go dancing place across the street and the bright lights.

I've not been in around 5 years, no good reason why. I was wondering how it was doing, as I was thinking about going back.

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  1. My wife, Maureen, and I used to visit Arqua on a somewhat regular basis, perhaps once a month or once in two months, for about two years. This went on until an unhappy incident maybe a year or so ago, which resulted in my wife refusing to go back.

    The unfortunate incident unfolded one night when a friend joined us for dinner. Among the specials announced at the table was a truffle risotto (forgot what the other ingredients were). The waiter did say that they were charging $50 for this dish because of the truffles. Despite her hesitation, Maureen caved in to Steve and my urging her to go ahead (it was a bit of an occasion), and she went ahead and ordered it.

    When the main course arrived, we were all very interested in her risotto dish (naturally), and she told me to try it first, see what I thought. Well, what I thought was that there were no truffles in it at all. So we called the waiter over and asked him, and he expressed great surprise and said we had inadvertently been served the "other" risotto (which, as I recall, was pumpkin, or something like that).

    Our clear impression was that they had hoped to foist off this much less expensive dish on us for the $50. They, of course, expressed much regret that such an unfortunate error could have occurred. Well, at the time, we were one of perhaps four or five occupied tables, so it wasn't very likely that they were so busy that they just screwed it up.

    It also bothered us because we had been going there often enough to be recognized as semi-regulars.

    I always liked the place and I'm sorry Maureen has taken such a hard line about it, but I respect her judgment here, so we haven't gone back, nor will we.

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      yvonne johnson

      interesting, and sad, story. Actually, I'd forgotten but I'm now reminded, there was one time we took a friend there, and he ordered the special risotto (i think it was aparagus) and it was rather bland, he said. Hmmmm, maybe there is a theme here.