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Jan 15, 2001 02:42 PM

Seafood dinner suggestions?

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My father is comming in to town for dinner (this happens about once a year). He wants to have seafood, but gets easily turned off by food that is too "fancy." I prefer more interesting preparations. I was thinking of taking him to Aquagrill or Manhattan Ocean Club. I was wondering if anyone had a preference between these two or any other suggestions.


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  1. auqagrill is good. pass on ocean club. estarios milos is very good . don't miss the tomato & feta salad. 55th btwn 6&7

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      And not to forget The Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center.

    2. My wife and I had dinner some time ago at the Manhattan Ocean Club and we enjoyed it tremendously. We got to the restaurant about five minutes early for our reservation, but our table wasn't ready, so the maitre d' asked us to wait at the bar and have a glass of wine on him.

      The meal was good, the service was very professional. I'd go back in a New York minute, to coin a phrase.

      Another seafood place that I think shouldn't be missed is Oceana, on East 54th Street, between Park and Madison. Rick Moonen is the chef, and he really knows what he's doing. I've eaten there probably a half dozen or more times and never been disappointed.

      Good luck.

      1. La Bernadin is usually outstanding (with outstanding prices to match).

        1. I second the Oceana suggestion. I've been about four times over the last year and have always had great food and wonderful service. I happen to have just booked dinner there for this Thursday night. If anything has changed, Ill make sure to let you know.

          Just a note. Im not positive about this but I vaguely remember there being no seafood alternatives on the menu.