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Jan 15, 2001 01:22 PM

Unlikely Oysters

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I had "steamed live oysters" at Sam's Noodles (29th & 3rd) last night, and I definitely suggest that people give them a try if they happen to be in the area. I assumed they'd be good, but just how good they were totally took me by surprise. Six absolutely enormous guys (smallest was about the size of my palm) sitting in their equally Brobdingnagian shells, covered with a slightly sweet, really garlicky brown sauce. We scraped off most of the sauce and had at the oysters - sweet, briny, and obscenely plump. A bit tough towards the foot (is that the term?), but so flavorful. Killer cold seaweed with sesame sauce, too, but regrettably tough "little juicy buns" - all they did was intensify a lurking craving for soup dumplings. But with the one-two punch of of the seafood's taste and price, I don't really feel like bitching too much.

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