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Jan 12, 2001 09:11 PM

Any Soho Veg-Friendly?

  • k

It's been a while since I've been to New York, let alone Soho/Lower East Side/Village, but I'm planning a visit. I'd be grateful for suggestions on vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants downtown. Any thoughts? Thanks. KSDS.

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  1. If you do a search using the function on the main page, you'll unearth a fair amount of information. There are a ton of places that are veg. friendly; as far as "dedicated" veg. restaurants, these are the ones I really like (sorry for repetition!): Black Eyed Suzy's (E.7th), Kate's Joint (Ave.B), Herban Kitchen (Hudson St.), Madras Cafe (2nd Ave.), Vegetarian Dim Sum (Pell St.). Someone recently recommended OtherFoods (E.12th), which I haven't tried. It sounds like it's worth a visit. I'd avoid Spring St. Natural. They have a large menu and nothing I've tried has risen above mediocore.