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Jan 12, 2001 08:00 AM

Chez Michallet?

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Has anyone been to Chez Michallet in the West Village? I am going there next week and want to know what to expect and what to order.

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  1. I went there probably three years ago and it was very good as I recall. I think they do fish very well, but I can't be more specific than that. I'd be curious to hear how you like it.

    1. I ate there about a year ago and it was quite good, although a bit pricey. Make reservations.

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        The nature of my business takes me to the kitchens of many, many restaurants in New York City. I have done a great deal of work in Chez Michallet and I'm always impressed by how clean the kitchen is.
        Some people don't consider that a big deal, but EVERYONE should.
        If you saw the kitchens in some restaurants, you would NEVER eat there again.
        Anyway, although I've never eaten there, everything looks and smells great. And the kitchen and food storage areas are kept uncommonly clean.


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          What kind of work are you doing that brings you into all these kitchens?

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            I'm a plumbing and heating contractor and I specialize in restaurant service agreements.


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              Please disclose this in all future postings so that onlookers can make up their minds for themselves as to whether the exchange of money between you and these restaurants might influence your opinions.