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Jan 11, 2001 07:10 PM

Awesome Chinatown Meat Market

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This is a new one for me: Siu Cheung, at 89 Mulberry, just south of Canal.

First of all, they have absolutely everything. Every cut of pork you could think of, freshly-killed chickens in several sizes, really lovely-looking flank steaks (for something like $4.75 a lb.). At least three diferent varieties of duck. More organs than you would imagine any animal could contain. Quails and partridges. Goat meat and rabbits. Venison.

They also have great stuff for lazy, overworked people: an astounding selection of pre-cut and partially prepared uncooked meats. I bought some boneless spare rib bits in black bean and fresh chili sauce, and cut-up chicken marinated with shitakes. They have cold-cut-thin slices of pork and beef balls to throw in soup, and slivered everything to toss with noodles. There's all sorts of cooked stuff to buy, too.

And they make their own dumplings. You can watch the check-out people rolling and filling in the moments between customers. I bought duck wontons and beef and leek dumplings. They also have scallop wontons and frozen home-made Shanghai soup dumplings.

(I don't need to mention that everthing's absurdly cheap, right?)

Okay, here's the kicker. This is the most non-Chinese-speaker-friendly meat market I've been to in Chinatown. Every single item is labeled in well-printed, legible English. The place is beyond spotless and beautifully organized. The guys behind the butcher's counter seem exceptionally sweet.

Many kinds of sausage. Bags of fresh noodles. Big head-on shrimp for $5 a lb.

I'll stop now.

Go there.

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  1. A brief post-tasting follow-up:

    Those chili-and-black-bean-sauce spare rib bits are not, in fact, boneless. They are, however, -incredible-. I just fried up a couple of scoopsful in my little pan (add water to cook through). Good Lord. From now on, I will always have a stash of these on hand (I imagine they would freeze well).

    The beef and leek dumplings were pretty special, too.

    This is a Very Useful Place, I think

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      Finally got to this place and its great. thanks for turning me on to it. I love the packages of duck tongues!!

    2. I don't post much...and I don't have anything substantial to add...but wow! My interest is peaked. I was looking for a decent looking uncooked duck in Chinatown not so long ago, and was having a tough time. I think I've found my solution. How come I've never noticed this place before? You make Siu Cheung sound so amazing, it almost sounds made up (not that anyone would be crazy enough to invent a fictional meat market just to get my goat). I'll definitely be checking it out.

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      1. re: Krista

        Yeah, your goat wouldn't be much use in a fictional meat market ;)