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Jan 11, 2001 10:50 AM

Irish Coffee

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During the winter, I really enjoy Irish Coffee instead of dessert and coffee. Unfortunately, too many restaurants/bars make a BAD concoction. They use tepid, reheated coffee that's been sitting for awhile, canned whipped cream and cheap whiskey and sometimes add a ribbon of creme de menthe on top (yuk) . To me, a really good Irish Coffee has freshly made hot coffee, Jameson Irish Whiskey and fresh real whipped cream.

Some cocktail lounges don't even know how to make one - I was at Torch on Ludlow Street last month - everybody there seemed to be imbibing fancy Cosmopolitans. When my I.C. arrived, there was no whipped cream in it. I asked the waitress if that was my order. She said "Yes, that's not right is it?" I agreed and she took the drink to the kitchen and reappeared with delicious fresh whipped cream - but I feel they should have gotten it right the first time.

So Chowhounds, any suggestions for a great Irish Coffee? Thanks.

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  1. Many Irish bars would do a good Irish Coffee.
    IN my neighborhood - Jimmy Armstrongs, Druids, Ned Kelly.
    I agree, only Jamesons will do - *no* Bushmills ;-)
    and no menthe for me.

    1. i had an extremely nice one recently at h2k, which is on 9th ave. and 23rd st. the bartender (irish, i might add) brewed me a pot of fresh coffee and whipped some heavy cream to top it with. i was so impressed! i wind up at this place a bunch since a friend works nearby, and despite any misgivings i might have had about the name it's served us well...