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Jan 11, 2001 08:02 AM

Austin's Cafe, Proximity F.I.T., Yech!

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I needed a place to grab a quick dinner the other night, so stopped into Austin's Cafe, across the street from F.I.T. on 7th Ave. Perhaps I should have taken the deflated balloons dancing limply in the wind attached to an outside sandwich board as a sign of the food inside. Perhaps the owners' assumption is that places geared to a student population can be less attentive to food and more to a laid back ambience. Or maybe it's just that the later hour (the nicer cafe directly across the street from FIT was closing)can explain the deadened food... but in any case, gummy soup, prepackaged rolls, cement quiche, wilted (dry, tasteless) salad are inexcusable. AFter a few bites, I dumped the contents of the tray in the garbage, and fled.

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