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Jan 11, 2001 04:29 AM


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We had a really good meal at Meigas this week.Wonderful suckling pig,squid croquettas,oxtail,great wine,unique and tasty desserts....the place was pretty empty all night!I've noticed that they're not even mentioned in the online restaurant sites,and they deserve better.

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  1. Meigas has been discussed more than once on this site. Check it out...

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      You can visit Meigas' site for more links to reviews from magazines like Esquire, Travel & Leisure, Gourmet, etc



    2. I don't know which restaurant sites you are using but they are listed in Citysearch as #7 of the 10 best restaurants on 2000.

      Link to 10 best:
      Link to Meigas editorial:


      1. I also had a really good meal there this week. The piquillo peppers stuffed with oxtail are incredible. The restaurant suffers from a location problem and was maybe 1/3 full.

        1. I chose this as my birthday restaurant about one month ago. My wife and I decided to go for the tasting menu with generally excellent results. They started us out with some tapas - some serrano ham, fresh marinated anchovies on toasts, and another item I can't recall right now. Following this was the oxtail in piquillo peppers, then squid in its ink. The fish course was the only misstep in the procession - snapper baked in a salt crust which picked up way too much salt in the preparation - ruining what was otherwise a potentially good dish. After that came the suckling pig. Finally the dessert was an assortment of three - a cheesecake (manchego?), chocolate mousse with a lemon sauce (it worked), and one other sweet I can't recall. We drank a wonderful '96 rioja riserva and then some glasses of a sweet sherry recommended by our waiter with dessert. On the whole a wonderful meal which I'd do again. Just beware the salty snapper.


          1. Meigas listing in NY Today