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Jan 8, 2001 11:48 AM

Le Gigot vs. Bouchon

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If you had to choose, would you rather have dinner at Le Gigot or Bouchon? Does anyone know if Le Gigot is smoky? I imagine it would be on a Saturday night.

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    Leslie Brenner

    It was not smoky on the night I was there about eight months ago, which wasn't a Saturday, but it was rather full.

    I had a disappointing cassoulet, decent escargots to start. Never having been to Bouchon, I can't offer a comparison.

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    1. re: Leslie Brenner

      Le Gigot is a wonder, especially for meats and variety meats; very, very close to a hidden Parisian bistro. I haven't had the cassoulet, but when I go there (usually, I admit, when the wait is too long at Pearl next door) I am always surprised at how much I like the cooking.

      Bouchon tries to be all things to all people, and falls flat at most of them.

    2. Hands down, I would go to Bouchon on Greenwich Avenue any ole time. I love their beef bourguignon which I order when I go because the dark wine sauce, mushrooms and sweet prunes is so delicious. My friends have had the duck and chicken and I never heard a negative comment from these chowhounds. Bouchon is also a bigger space and I believe the chef used to work at Daniel and Bouley. I've been to Le Gigot twice for lunch and brunch and was a bit underwhelmed. I believe the chef used to be at Cafe Margaux on Prince Street. Since Le Gigot is a smaller space, I'd check first if they allow smoking. Anyway, you won't be disappointed at either restaurant.