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Jan 5, 2001 02:14 PM

Broome St. Bar Hamburger

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I am a true burger fanatic, and need to know, is it just me, or is the burger at Broome St. Bar in Soho one of the best in the city? I've loved it for years, yet mainstream guides, which you'd think would pounce on a place like this (and love what i think to be inferior burgers at places like Fanellis and Cals), have let it labor in realtive obscurity, be, as have the Times and all the other major press I know.

Now, the burger is on pita, not a bun, which some may quibble with. But the lack of a fluffy roll lets you focus on what we all really eat burgers for -- flavorful, perectly cooked beef.

The service is great -- the one time they overcooked my burger, they rushed it away and sent me a perfect one, with a smile 5 minutes later -- they happily give you cooked onions or any other toping you like, have plenty of fine beers on tap, and are open late. Plus, great big picture windows overlook West Broadway, making it a great stop for people-watching.

As far as non-burger selections: feh. I'd definitely pass on the apps and french fries (all burgers come with a nice small salad, works much better.) But sandwiches can be decent, and omlettes are actually done quite well.

For an added bonus -- check out the photos on the wall between the bar and dining room. The place was a Keith Haring hangout, and he once did up all the chalkboard walls in his trademark drawings.

Thanks fir listening -- just had to vent, I'm craving one as we speak!

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  1. I agree with you absolutely. I was always a bit confused about their choice of bread - pita - but it works, and I think that their cheeseburger with the fried onions rates as possibly the best in NYC.

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      Tracy Miller

      I truly love Broome Street burgers. I order blue cheese on the salad and slip it into the pita--if you order blue cheese on the burger, it's overpowering. It's such a great place because it's usually not crowded. mmmm, it's almost dinner time.

      The burgers frequently mentioned on chowhound--Big Nick's, McHale's, the Corner Bistro and Molly's--all are dreamy. There is also a decent burger at the Park Slope Brewery in Brooklyn Heights.

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        w haven't been to Corner Bistro at W4th and Jane St. (right near 8th Ave)
        The "Bistro Burger" is truly a treat.