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Jan 4, 2001 03:23 PM

grand sichuan @24th: really good

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Had dinner at Grand Sichuan International at the 24th st branch at 229, 9th Ave (620-5200) a couple of nights ago. Three of us shared 4 mains: smoked tea duck, baby bok choy with garlic (special), shrimp with black bean sauce, beef fillets with chile. All were delicious. We got there around 8, and were seated immediately. However, there was quite a line when we left.

This is a spin off from a previous lengthy thread on this board last month.

(I'd have posted there but the thread got a bit confusing.)

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    Michele Cindy

    We frequent and get delivery from the 9th ave. location quite often. The funny thing is that when we get delivery from any other neighborhood chinese place that we used to like it's awful in comparison. Is the 9th ave. location any different from the 24th St.?

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    1. re: Michele Cindy
      yvonne johnson

      "Is the 9th ave. location any different from the 24th St.?" No, Grand Sichuan Int'l is on 9th Ave at 24th. So we're talking about one and the same place.

      An aside: After all the confirming, clarification of spelling etc in earlier thread, note I put as subject header "Grand Sichuan" in my initial post and not Grand Sichuan International as I should have!

      1. re: yvonne johnson
        Michele Cindy

        Hi Yvonne - they also have a location on 9th and 50th. That's the one that I go to. We'll have to wait 'til someone whose been to both places can tell us.

      2. re: Michele Cindy
        Dave Feldman

        The basic menu is almost the same at the two places, but unless there have been changes at the 24th St. branch, GSI has more specials.

        I think the execution is superior at the uptown branch in every way, so I haven't gone back to 24th St. in more than a year.

        1. re: Michele Cindy

          I've been hesitant to post about this, but I did have a disappointing meal the very last time I went to the 24th St. Grand Sichuan (I haven't been to the uptown branch yet). This was the first time anything had disappointed me there, and I've been there umpteen times, I guess. I ordered sea cucumber on Christmas Eve. The hot pepper oil, black bean, and ground pork sauce that came with it was delicious, but the sea cucumber wasn't what I thought I remembered from having Mongolian Hot Pot years ago (I don't eat sea cucumber very often). It was not chewy and fibrous, but gelatinous and extremely difficult to pick up with chopsticks (and I manipulate chopsticks better than a fork). Moreover, it tasted distinctly fishy. I think they used dried, reconstituted sea cucumber which got a little bad before or while it was drying. I think that branch is probably still very good, but don't order sea cucumber there, and its future quality bears watching.

          1. re: Michael

            Ummm, wrt the sea cucumber, it should be soft and gelatinous, not chewy and fibrous. A chinese delicacy, but definitely not one of my personal favorites. Fishy tasting, though, should not be one of it's characteristics.

        2. c
          cindy goldberg

          so here we are --- 2 NJ couples coming to NYC for dinner, theater and drinks/dessert --- 40th b'day celebrating ---limo at hand - thus, we're mobile!

          so, suggestions, please --- with the only caveats -
          nothing steak only, nothing 'take-out-y,' nothing too 'goat-cheesy,' if u know what i mean ... thanks bunches and bunches ---

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          1. re: cindy goldberg
            yvonne johnson

            I think you may have got the wrong turning after the lincoln tunnel! Try clicking on "manhattan message board" and then "posting message on board". Anything more specific you like? For examples, location or type of cooking.

            1. re: cindy goldberg

              My vote would be for Grammercy Tavern. Great food and service, and an excellent atmosphere to celebrate. (and Happy Birthday)

              1. I MUST agree about the smoked tea duck. It's incredible here. If you do go (and enjoy duck), please order it and try it.