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Jan 3, 2001 09:26 AM

Resaturants WAY Uptown!

  • j

I just moved to 215th Street and Seaman Ave (West side) and I am in desperate need of restaurants. I have done very well with the authentic Domininican restaurants and a terrific Irish Pub but I am in need of some real pampering food! I am very close to The Bronx and did have a couple of great classic Italian meals as well. Any suggestions????

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  1. Hi, Jill!
    We live a little further south near 193. Have you done a search on Washington Heights, Riverdale and/or the Bronx yet? (I think there was also a recent NYT review of Jimmy's Cafe on 207th/Fordham, but we haven't been there yet). Don't know if El Lino on 207th and 10th is still around, the food was good, the service surly.

    Sounds like you want a little "posher" than what Wash. Heights seems to offer (see conflicting postings on "Bleu") so Riverdale might be your best bet. I think Peter? lives near you so he might have some tips. Write again if we can help with specifics--we'll check 'em out.

    1. Anyone who lives up here knows that you have to have a good kitchen in your own apartment--which is not so hard to do. But you'll probably need some help. One who mixes nicely with the local providers of basics is Ada Boni, Regional Italian Cooking; another is Marcella Hazan, most recently in Marcella Cucina.

      1. If you have a car, there are a couple of good places in Riverdale. Otherwise, hop a subway and eat downtown. If it's riverdale, check back for suggestions. There is also a great place in Little Italy in the Bronx

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            There are not too many worthwhile, but Hunam Balcony on Johnson Ave is better than the one on the upper
            west side. Bellavista, (Italian) around the corner, rates a 20 in Zagat although I don't think its that good but decent. There is a good thai on Kappock St. but can't remember the name, but it's a short street so no trouble finding it.