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Jan 1, 2001 04:47 PM

Rue B???

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Anyone here ever try this new East Village



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  1. Hi. I surmise this is a French restaurant on Avenue B but where is it exactly??

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      Rue-B located on 188 Ave B is a casual restaurant/bar
      which sort of infuses french bistro,american and italian style fare.

      The interior (designed by Oprah Winfrey's set designer) is dim except for table candles and soft track lighting. The table set up is a complete lounge design complete with cushy chairs and round couches that complement the METAL tables surprisingly well. I was lucky also to make my first visit here on a Monday Night, which is their nightto feature live piano jazz, which was a fabulous touch to the experience.

      The food is quite interesting. The appetizers ranged from items like smoked fishes, cheese plates and deviled eggs. We had the warm asparagus plate with sliced proscuitto di parma and shaved pecorino.

      The entrees are mostly sandwiches served on a choice of crispy bread (i.e. pannini) and are brought to the table in baskets, an interesting twist. Sandwiches feature items such as sopressata, portobellos, hummus and a wide range of cheeses. We had two sandwiches, the sliced marinated steak with portobellos and sliced onions and the RUE BLT made with pancetta.

      The sum up is that the place was very impressive. The apps were good and were very creative. The sandwiches were more standard but extremely tasty and priced very well. Sandwiches range from around $6-9.

      A final note- Rue B features homemade ice cream and desserts and a generous list of smoothies and vegetable drinks. Being the holidays, my girlfriend and I skipped the health option and indulged straight into the absolutely breathtaking homemade chocolate ice cream served straight up in a martini glass.

      If you wanna keep it simple but still get spoiled by the food and atmosphere, get over to RUE B.