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Dec 29, 2000 11:43 AM

Snowstorm Restaurant Help Needed ASAP

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Relatives are in for the Holidays and we've got tickets for a matinee and evening performance of Broadway plays on Saturday, the day of the impending blizzard. Is there any restaurant you can recommend where we can sit, stay warm and leisurely dine between shows. VERY open to cuisine, but we would like something reasonably priced. Many thanks.

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  1. Hi, Marty--hoping to be helpful, not snicky. Where exactly are the theatres? What do you consider "reasonable"? Are your relatives adventurous or "safe" eaters? Are you talking about a huge crowd? I'm assuming you'll want a place to crash between about 5:30-7:30? Specifics will help, especially if you don't want to walk too much in the snow (the predictions might just be another kind of pile, as you know). There are also a number of threads about theater and/or Hell's kitchen which should also be useful.

    New York during a snowstorm is fun if you bring the right boots! Unless you're at the wrong show and boots won't help--the last huge snowstorm, we were stuck at a *Moose Murders* preview. Hope your shows are better.

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      theatre #1 is on W.45 near 8th; other is on Broadway at 46 around corner. Price , $20 per person--open to all cuisines--five in group.--thanks

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        Try Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant, at 13W. 46 st.I don't know when they start serving. Was there a couple of years ago and liked the food and service.

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          Doesn't look too bad out there--
          I assume by now you've checked a bunch of possibilities on this board. You might fall into a great place just walking a block or two up 8th.
          There's Lakruwana (Sri Lankan) on 44th (8th and 9th), Joe Allen's(326 W. 46th)for people-watching, Hakata (230 W. 48th)or Kodama (301 W. 45th) for mid-range Japanese. Check Chowhound archives for others' opinions; call for reservations if they take 'em.