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Will Mad Cow destroy the restaurant business?

Harry Koch Dec 29, 2000 05:05 AM

The media has played down the serious impact that mad cow disease is posing in the USA. What is being done to safe guard our food supply? If you think about how important the Cow is as a resourse not only to feed people but in up holding an entire nations economy. I think this is pretty import stuff especially when you read all that's coming out of Europe about it.

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    Peter Cuce RE: Harry Koch Dec 29, 2000 06:22 AM

    Yeah, I was curious as to why the articles I read on BSE never mention the US meat supply. I know that we feed our cows animal protein, so there must be some risk.

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      pat hammond RE: Peter Cuce Dec 29, 2000 08:00 AM

      Please take further Mad Cow discussion over to the Not about Food board. Thanks. Pat

      1. re: pat hammond
        Frank Ferder RE: pat hammond Dec 29, 2000 01:29 PM

        What are you stoned??? NOT FOOD!

        1. re: Frank Ferder
          pat hammond RE: Frank Ferder Dec 29, 2000 01:44 PM

          I'll meet you on the Not about Food Board

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            ? RE: pat hammond Dec 30, 2000 05:28 AM

            Another food scandal hit France Friday, and with it the announcement that one of the country's top restaurants was shunning meat for good. Arpege, one of the high temples of the Paris food scene, will soon turn vegetarian as a result of Chef Alain Passard's

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              mad about cows RE: ? Jan 3, 2001 02:01 PM

              Arpege will not be vegeterian, but will not serve beef. Lamb, pork, et al will continue to be on the menu.

          2. re: Frank Ferder
            Robert Rowen RE: Frank Ferder Jan 14, 2001 07:14 PM

            >> Please take further Mad Cow discussion over to the Not about Food board. Thanks. Pat <<

            Dear Pat,

            You're not serious. Nothing could be more about food, our agriculture and our future eating habits.

            Please save your message to show your grandchildren.

            1. re: Robert Rowen
              pat hammond RE: Robert Rowen Jan 14, 2001 07:26 PM

              I'll meet you on the Not about Food board. pat

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        Peter B. Wolf RE: Harry Koch Dec 29, 2000 07:42 AM

        Without downplaying the seriousnes about this desease, no the Restaurant Business will not falter. But a good look should be placed at cattle ranching.

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