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Dec 28, 2000 09:53 AM

Sandro's On Ninth Avenue

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Anyone had any experiences with this Italian

Ric Z

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  1. Sandro's is extremely not-happening: the food is probably on a par with most of the East Village Italian restaurants, but the service is nonexistent and the prices high, and they seem to be running a Ponzi scheme with the wine list.

    It's not awful, but also not worth a schlep to west Chelsea .

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    1. re: Pepper

      What's a Ponzi scheme?

      1. re: Michele

        If you've been "in on a Ponzi Scheme"--you've been swindled! Charles Ponzi was a bonifide swindler back about 70 years ago. The term is based on his sweeping investment fiddle at that time: where high profits were promised from non-existant sources--although early investors were lucky enough to be paid off with funds contributed by the later ones. Those who came in on the investment later (ie, almost everybody) lost their money!