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Dec 27, 2000 05:58 PM

Any New Year's Eve ideas?

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Looking for something festive for two, but not ludicrously overpriced (say, under $90 per person). An early dinner is fine; I'm happy to be home drinking champagne at midnight, rather than fighting for a cab three hours later.

I've got a tentative reservation at Chelsea Bistro, but I'd be happy to find something else . . .


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  1. Hello, Dan

    I notice that you've chosen to post under only a single (and common) first name.

    Since we have literally thousands of users, the single name "Dan" does not make for a name likely to be memorable. And as we're a tight-knit community, where many of us come to recognize and anticipate the preferences and tastes of regular posters, I'm afraid you may be doing yourself a disservice. You deserve to be distinct!

    We'd suggest using first AND last names (as most of our regulars do), or else a distinctive nametag (e.g. "Pepper", "Frank Language", "Big Ed", etc...though please don't use any of them, they're taken!).

    This way we can all get to know you, which makes for much more personal conversation!

    If you'd like to discuss this, please reply to the message "About the Name You Choose" on our Site Talk board (get there by clicking the link below)