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Dec 27, 2000 03:29 PM

Sono lunch

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I had lunch with several colleagues today st Sono, the fusion restaurant on E 57th St (btw. Park & Lex.) I had been before and enjoyed it, but had forgotten about it.

They offer a $20 prix fix lunch (in addition to an a la carte menu) that is a bargain. Between the three of us, we tried both options for each course. I had a salad to start with a great vinagrette dressing and my colleagues raved about their squash soup. I ordered the chicken entree, which was also good, especially the chicken broth in which it was served. The salmon was also yummy and served rare, as ordered.

The opera cake and sorbets were nice ends the meal. I also liked the crisps that they served us to start the meal instead of bread, but I would have enjoyed them more if they had come with some sort of puree to dip them in.

The restaurant was fairly empty, a shame considering how good it is. It is worth a detour.

P.S. Thanks to Pepper whose mention of Sono in a post reminded me of it and caused me to have such a yummy lunch!

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    Mark Alexandre

    Sono should simply be "SO NO". Uninspiring Japanese cooking with a gratuitous nod to nouvelle cuisine. Where "So No" excels is in overcharging customers for insipid, unimaginative food. So what if the chef designed and perhaps even created some of the pottery and dishes. Perhaps he should focus more on the food and less on crockware. Or better yet, maybe he should just do us a favor and give up the kitchen for the potter's wheel!

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      wow, harsh words for tadashi ono, who's actually quite an accomplished, risk-taking chef. I enjoyed the food and the playfulness of it, not to mention the crockware.