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Dec 27, 2000 10:55 AM

Brunch Upper West Side?

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We'll be in NYC next month. On Sunday the 14th we're attending a matinee at the Triad Threater, which is at 158 W. 72nd Street. I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding good brunch places within easy walking distance. Thanks. Greg

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  1. Most Brunch places in UWS start between 11:30 -12:00.
    Not knowing where you'll will be staying, I can say
    that ther choices are many - Without OpED -

    Cafe Con Leche 80/Ams,World Cafe 66?/Col ,Cafe Mozart 70/Off Bwy,Ernie's 75?/bwy ,Caridad 74?/bwy, Pomodoro 70/col ,Isabella's 76/bwy,Penang,....

    Unfortunately I do not have the exact contact info handy 8-(

    Cafe Con Leche does open early - weather permitting, around 10ish, though they claim coffee and muffins etc. are ready by then.

    Sarabeth's is opposite Cfe Con Leche, and Popovers a few blocks uptown from them.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Greg,
      I highly recommend Cafe Luxembourg, 200 West 70 Street
      (212) 873-7411. They have an ala carte menu and a fixed price one at $25.00.
      While not in the same creative food league, if you like a comfortable room with a fireplace, check out Artepasta, 106 West 73 Street (212)501-7014. Brunch starts at about $4.95 and goes up.
      Wherever you decide to go, I suggest you make reservations a day or so in advance as brunch is so popular on the upper west side.

      1. The original comment has been removed