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Dec 21, 2000 11:13 AM

Help! Ecco Recommendations?

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I just found out that I'm being taken to Ecco on Chambers St. in about an hour for lunch. I'm totally unfamiliar with it. All I've heard are general "oh, it's good" comments. Can anyone help out with must-haves/must avoids? Many thanks!

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  1. With 12 or more veal selections, I'd say that's their specialty, although they have some seafood dishes worth trying, like salt baked branzino that they, unlike so many restaurants today, bone away from the table for you. Try the vegetable antipasto---not overcooked and retaining individual flavors. Quite an old saloony joint.

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      Thanks for the information, Applejak! I just got back from an office holiday lunch at Ecco (Chambers between Church and W.Bway). The antipasti were excellent (pefectly grilled veggies, great coldcuts, calamari, etc), but the entrees lagged a bit. I looked for the salt baked branzino, but it wasn't on the menu. Instead I had a special squid ink ravioli that was unfortunately overcooked and stuffed with a nondescript seafood paste. Pretty blah, but not a disaster since I had filled up to such an insane degree on the starters. Dessert was a winner, probably the best tiramisu I've ever had, and the bustling Old New York atmosphere was good for a large party.