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Dec 20, 2000 04:36 PM

Ye Waverly Inn

  • j

Has anybody been here recently? I just walked in after a long, long void and was asked by the chef if I had dined there in the last year. When I said, "no", he gleefully told me that it was a brand new restaurant from what it had been. He went on to tell me that I ought to 'get it while it is hot'because a year from now it will be too difficult to get in and the prices will be far less affordable. Then, he told me that was a new addition to the restaurant and that he worked at Daniel and The Box Tree. So, now I am intrigued, despite a menu that is dominated by good old comfort food (which is fine though strange considering his boasting). Anybody???

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  1. y
    yvonne johnson

    Did he say in what capacity he worked at Daniel and the Box Tree?! I haven't been to YWI for ages and the one dinner I had was pretty dull. But now I'm intrigued too. I guess stranger changes have occurred. I'm not feeling in an adventurous mood this week, so here's hoping someone has been recently to illuminate further.

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      no mention of what capacity in which he drew his credentials from!