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Dec 20, 2000 09:06 AM

Cafe Loup disappointment

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Had such a disappointing meal at Cafe Loup the other night. It's such a pleasant, no-big-deal neighborhood place but at our last two visits, the food has been so mediocre. Limp fries; a super-market tasting strip steak; overcooked fish. All kind of steam-tabled out. The quality and responsibly produced ingredients that the restaurant goes out of its way to use are not being handled well in the kitchen.

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    yvonne johnson

    i was wondering how this place (13th, bet 6 and 7) was doing. Around 8 years ago they did good simple fare: chicken with good fries and the likes. Since then i've had one dinner (the veg were a disgrace: tasteless purees), and one lunch (more like school lunch). I've not been back.

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      Joyce Goldstein

      I'm a fan. I think they always have great oysters usually several kinds; the goat cheese and beet salad and the she-crab soup are excellent; the lamb chops, the duck, the tuna that is deep fried rare and sliced and many other entrees are dependable; the desserts while not stellar always have two that are worthwhile -- these are the chocolate pudding and the lemon crepes are sublime; and the pichets of wine are drinkable and reasonable. My kind of neighborhood place. Of course, I am visiting friends' neighborhood when I go there but the greeting is always warm.

      My only complaint, is that the wait staff could be a lot less stiff and a little more easy going.