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Dec 20, 2000 07:36 AM

Charles Southern Disappointment

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I just stopped by the Charles Southern Kitchen all-day breakfast annex, and it was a major disappointment. One can be forgiven for assuming that a breakfast joint with the word "southern" in the name, opened by a well regarded southern establishment might make some decent southern breakfast food.

Quaker Quick Grits, Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix and frozen sausage are the order of the day, (and prominently displayed) and you will find no biscuits of any kind, not even Pillsbury Grands. I mean, even McDonald's and KFC serve an edible biscuit. Isn't the owner ashamed to put his name on a place like this?

Just another raw reminder of how far from the south we really are here in NYC. I lived in Chicago, and have spent many years in Memphis and various other southern towns, and I guess you just have to go back to those places to get any decent southern grub on a regular, consistent basis. Don't even mention barbecue.

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  1. wow. that's really too bad. Charles is really over-extending himself. His takeout and buffet are only superb when he's actually there, otherwise it's just B or B+. He himself is a brilliant chef, nearly the equal of the best in the south.

    I hadn't tried the breakfast place yet...are they serving salmon cakes?

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      They did have salmon & grits on the menu-I assume the salmon would be salmon cakes. I had the fried whiting & grits, which was not very good.

      There's a place in Nashville called Darryl's Salmon & Biscuits that makes a salmon cake served on a biscuit.
      For breakfast they give you a little tub of grape jelly to go with it.It gives it a sort of nouvelle cuisine taste which isn't half bad.