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Dec 19, 2000 10:25 AM

Donohue's Steakhouse?

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Sometimes I take the bus down Lexington Avenue to work (when I have 30-40 minutes to kill!). I have noticed a charmingly old fashioned looking restaurant on Lex and about 64th called Donohue's Steakhouse. I have been able to discover almost no information about it and I thought I might inquire here to see if anyone has eaten there or heard anything about it. It looks as if its been there forever. Thanks!

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  1. Had a burger there last week for lunch. The burgers are nothing to speak about. Cute place. Waitress had to be in her 70's. Sweet Scottish woman but served our burgers and fries without any condiments and was unable to hear our requests. I believe the place is owned by the daughter of the original owner. I spoke with her once over a cocktail but Im a little fuzzy on the story.

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      Oh, well, I had such hopes since it looked like such a great dive! Thanks for the reply!