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Dec 18, 2000 06:41 PM

Best Gyros in NYC?

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Today I went to the Gyro place on 7th Ave across from Penn Station. I've eaten Gyros there for I guess 25 years. I know that they are probably the "White Castle" of Gyros, but I enjoy them like I enjoy a White castle about every 10 months. Anyway it made me wonder who in NYC (no Boroughs) has the Best Gyros?
I like them best when the tziki is really garliky.

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    peter singer

    The best gyro,partly because of the tzatziki is opa-opa on 31st st in astoria. they season their own meat and make all the ingredients. worth a trip. good luck finding better in manhattan

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      I been buying gyros from Eat it In A Pita (on 34th st. near 1st Ave.), for over 10 years. I love their gyros. I tried many places, but it all comes down to the one and only "Eat It In A Pita".......

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        If you were buying gyros for there for ten years you should have responded to the original poster then, when this was posted on the old site.