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Dec 17, 2000 06:32 PM

Drinks & Munchies near 23rd Street?

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Hi all-

Great message board! I'm hoping you can help me find a place for drinks and some food around the 23rd Street area. I'm gathering with some old school friends from SVA, which is on 23rd between Second & Third Avenues. I thought it would be nice to find a place in that general vicinity, but I'm not limiting it to just the east...along west 23rd would be fine too.

Originally I was thinking of tapas, but am open to any place that offers appetizers and small dishes (since we'll be coming from work a bit hungry). A comfortable relaxed place - not too loud or expensive. It's been awhile since I've been on 23rd and I know things have changed in the last few years, so that is why I ask your guidance.I'm in Soho now :)
Thanks, Trisha

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  1. I can't address tapas, but if you like Turkish food, do a search for Gyroland on this board. Very good food, and you can have some nice Turkish sour cherry juice with the meal. I don't know if they have alcoholic drinks; probably not is my guess.

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      I've had fun at L'Express on 20th and Lex. Full bar and Brasserie menu,

    2. Michael recommended Gyroland (351 2nd Ave between 20/21), but while they have very good food (and Turkish as an appetizercentric cuisine) it sounds like you want something a bit more convivial (e.g. they don't have drinks). I'd go to Molly's at 3rd and 22. Awesome cheeseburgers and guinness, nice fireplace. Call ahead and try to book the round table right by the waitress station, it's a great place to meet friends.


      1. Pitchoune on 3rd at 18th or 19th, Provencal cuisine, isn't too expensive and it's quite good. It's not dirt cheap, however. Entrees are between 15 and 22 or so, if I remember correctly.

        1. Besides Molly's (which I do like a lot) let me suggest the Grand Saloon, located at 158 East 23rd. It's been there for years, has a nice neighborhood atmosphere, and serves up decent pub grub at very reasonable prices (especially their french fries, believe it or not.)

          Here is a URL that you can use to take a quick look:


          1. IMHO, if you're looking for something slightly more upscale than hamburgers, Pipa is wonderful. It's located at 38 E 19th St between Broadway and Park Ave South and they serve some delicious tapas. It's part of ABC Carpet so the decor is fun, funky and comfortable. You may have heard of the chef, Rodriguez, from Chicama and formerly from Patria. In addition to scrumptious little dishes (mostly seafood), there is a decent selection of Spanish wine too.