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Dec 17, 2000 03:34 PM

steakhouse/continental in midtown

  • k

Help! We have in laws coming to town who are used to very fine restaurants and are in NY often. It's our turn to treat--looking for steak/continental, midtown, quiet, nice atmosphere and not outrageously expensive but a really nice place. Any ideas?

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  1. Katrina,

    Avoiding high cost is a tough one. Steak houses are by nature at the high end of the price chain and mid-town is the center of expense account dining. However, the atmosephere you are seeking is going to be found at the Post House over all other steak houses. It is located in the Lowell Hotel at 28 East 63rd (bet. Madison and Parke Ave.). The room is a break from the typical dark wood steak restaurant and you do not feel as if you are an unwanted guest in an all male club. The loud, drunk, young, male stock brokers who were the first indicators of a market peak, are pleasantly absent from the Post House.