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Dec 17, 2000 07:02 AM

Epice du Traiteur

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We swam up to this place last night ( everything closer to Lincoln Center was booked solid a week ago ) and found a real treat. Good food ( Ceasar salad/ Epices salad, Filet Mignon w garlic mashed potatoes/ Chicken spaghettinni,Chocolate hazelnut cake ) Good service (not pushy, not slow and the waiter gave the prices for the specials without being asked !) Pleasant atmosphere and a tab of $100 even - tax/ tip/ drinks et al ! Reviews had mentioned the place was cramped but not so. Over all a very pleasant dinner a a reasonable price. The experience was so pleasant I didn't even mind the rain that was so heavy that I squished when I stepped and the damned herd of barking seals that passes for an audience at Avery Fisher these days.

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  1. Yes, a solid neighborhood/after theatre spot though I always wish, however, it would be a little more dazzlingly tunisian.

    they've got a great appetizer of pastry with tuna and egg, can't remember the name. make sure to get the harissa hot sauce.

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      I think the appetizer is called Brik