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Dec 16, 2000 02:40 PM


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Mirchi (29 Seventh Ave South, bet morton and bedford, 414-0931) is a newish indian. Apps: Dhokla, "steamed chickpea flour cakes laced with cilantro and chiles," were moist, slighty chewy and hotly spiced. Tak-a-tak, tiny pieces of chicken in red sauce accompanied with hambuger roll (this is the second time I’m come across this—I’ll post on general topics, as I’ve no idea what this trend is about), was not to my taste, tho my husband liked it. Mains: I had gosht vindaloo. The lamb was tender, the dish certainly had heat, and the portion was huge. But the sauce and meat didn't fully hang together. Seemed like sauce was joined with the meat at the last minute. I tried the jaipuri lal maas, lamb with "thirty chiles and cayenne". Interesting, and, yes, hot! Naan was good. And raita was good and creamy (not the watery sort).

Was second visit for my husband who said that it was not quite as good as a couple of weeks before. Asimov also noted inconsistency in his review last month. On basis of one visit I thought it was reasonably good. Might be worth another try.

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  1. "Mirchi" is a very recently opened Indian restaurant.
    The owner has two other restaurants closer to us -
    Bay Leaf (56th), and Muglai (Columbus & 70s ?)

    Mirchi is really hot - and - unlike many other
    restaurants has adopted many street foods into their
    menu. The Kitchen is open, and one could in principle
    sit by a row of bar stools by the two tawa's and order food.

    When I was young ;-) aound the market places in Delhi or the Streets and beaches by Bombay there used to be vendors with similar hugh tawas hawking different kinds of foods - Pau Bhajji in BOM ; or botti-in-kali-dal, ragada in DEL etc. served with buns. The buns in Mirchi were not the same -
    Since the buns used in food stalls in Bombay were different than what was served in New Delhi or by Jama Masjid area in Delhi, the one's in Mirchi are definitely hamburger buns - close but no Cigar ;-)

    So Mirchi had , tawa, chats, and tandoori seek type appetisers. On our first visit - we ignored the right side of the menu which contained the main entrees and ordered from the "street food" section. Things that I would not ordinarily or easily find in restaurants in

    These things are chilli-pepper hot !!! Of the five six that we ordered, Pau Bhaji disappointed me in the sense that the "pau" i.e. bun was small soft hamburger bun rather than overnight pau ;-). Boti kebab was juicy and

    The quantity of the tandoori seek dishes (tikka,boti, fish etc..) was smaller than I expected (three pieces instead of atleast four)

    My two cent first impression on this new place - Maybe in a few months we'll revisit Mirchi