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Dec 14, 2000 04:40 PM

Da Umberto - Anybody been recently

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I love Da Umberto but have not been since the manager Victorio open his own place several years ago. Has anyobe been to this Chelsea spot recently?

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  1. victorio was son of the owner. saw him last spring gambero rosso wine tastings nyc.I haven't been to da umberto in a long time

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      i try to eat there 5 or 6 times a year. it's always really good, and i usually dont like spending that much money for italian food. (i find the difference between $10 and $25 dollar pasta isnt that great)

      anyway, i highly recommend it. one of the few places in town where i will let the waiters make suggestions.

      1. re: matt

        I only went there once, very bad service, noisy, people using cell phones and smoking cigars next to me.
        Very expensive for the type of service and food. NY has so many outstanding Italian restaurents why bother with this one. People watching!