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Dec 14, 2000 08:21 AM

recommended dishes at Molyvos?

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My friends and I are thinking of heading to Molyvos this Sunday. Any particular dishes that you recommend?


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  1. Just about all of Molyvos's dishes are well-prepared (I've been there about ten times,) but what stands out to me is:

    --their avgolomeno soup--a real homemade chicken soup with lots of dill and that wonderfully tangy lemon flavor. And it's not glutenous like these soups so often are.

    --the super-rich taramosolata, so evil in the arteries, so good in the stomach.

    --flaming saganaki

    --any of their whole roasted fishes.

    --a surprisingly good version of garlic roast chicken with mashed potatoes.

    Actually, I've never eaten a dish I didn't like there, but the above come to mind first. If you're a sweet eater, they have some very unusual "afters" you might want to try.

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      They have the best tzatziki around. It's made with Greek-style yogurt, which is part sheep and part cow's milk. Even Ithaka uses all-cow yogurt. Other mezze I've had there that are really good include the baked (not the cold) gigantes and the spanakopita. Skip the grilled sardines, though. If you like ouzo, ask for the Aphrodite. It's spicier and less cloying than most.

      As for sweets, they have really great rice pudding, an enormous, round baklava that's loaded with pistachios (one serving is enough for at least two people), "spoon sweets," which are various kinds of fruit preserves served with small cookies, and some really interesting stuff like "grape must pudding" -- if you try that please let us know how it is.

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        I enjoyed their Mousaka, but it is VERY VERY rich. I didn't care for their Saganaki (flaming cheese dish) It was flavored with a Pernod, licorice type liquour which for me didn't suit the cheese too well. BUT my husband liked it.

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          I've been there a couple of times and I agree with the others, most everything is good. A dish that stands out in my mind (its been over 6 months since last visit) are the loukamades(sp?). They're fried little dough-balls dusted with sugar and drizzled with honey. They're amazingly delicious and after a reasonably healthy meal (provided you don't go the moussaka route) a festive sweet treat.

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        Josh Mittleman

        Riva & I have had pretty consistently good food at Molyvos, too. Most recently, we started with a very nice Greek salad and the excellent grilled octopus appetizer. Then Riva had a rich lamb stew and I had a grilled royal dorade, both very good.

        1. The first couple times there, I tried peasanty entrees and was vaguely disappointed. I've had much better luck with fish entrees, especially the specials (and as Lynn says, whole fish preparations are often particularly successful).

          1. Lamb and catch-of-the-day in general.

            Sometimes I just have two three appetisers.

            1. Just went there and thought I'd post here rather than starting a new thread. Kinda disappointed; I much prefer Ithaka, for food , service, AND atmosphere.

              Nice breads with a red pepper-cheese (I think; it disappeared fast) spread. Waiters clueless about wine (and in general kinda nervous and hurried). Great melitzanosalata, taramasalata, tzatziki. Decent greek salad with exceptional feta. OK stuffed squid with a semi-tasty-but-pasty spinach-feta filling.

              Delicious, rich whole grilled dorade, but not even an offer to fillet it for me, which is no big deal but a little odd (and there WERE endless tiny bones). Nice but unexceptional stuffed cabbage, and head-on shrimp had that skanky taste that head-ons often do, on an OK spinach-rice pilaf which my friend liked more than I did. The whole dish was greasier than it should have been, with no delicacy.

              We got, as a side dish, the beets with garlic sauce - the garlic sauce was skordalia, which was only confusing since another dish specified skordalia, so i asked for a side of skordalia, so they should have known it was unnecessary given the giant dollop of skordalia on those beets (though the skordalia is fantastic, and goes wonderfully with the beets). A recommended side of greens was bland.

              The desserts are traditionally Greek, and as such, nothing looked good to me. Got the baklava, which my dinnermates weren't into but was probably the best I've had - VERY nutty, moist throughout but not overly sticky or syrupy.