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Dec 13, 2000 07:53 PM

Heart Smart

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Looking for restaurants in NYC, other than Chinese, that would be good for someone with a heart condition. A place where the question all the time would not have to be, "Any butter,cream, cheese or duck fat" in the item! Thanks, he gets tired and embarrassed asking.

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  1. Try Zen Palate (cheapish vegetarian) or Hangawi (also vegetarian, slightly more upscale). Both have good food, although Hangawi is better.

    1. I remember seeing on the Food Network a couple of times in the last year a chef from a restaurant called (I think)Heartbeat that might fit your bill. it's somewhere in midtown and I think is in or associated with one of the trendy hotels.

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        Heartbeat is in the W hotel on Lexington.

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          A co- worker of mine had a horrid experience at Heartbeat- I posted about it a while back so I won't go into it again. But, most people I know who used to be regulars have sworn off it...AMY

        2. Hangawi is nice but you may want to watch out for sodium levels.

          Another good veg place that does good-tasting food, whose ingredients are clearly described in the menu, is Herban Kitchen on Hudson St, by Spring St.

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            My understanding is that Herban Kitchen is not all vegetarian, but also serves meat and fish.

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              Herban Kitchen serves organic red meat, fish, and chicken in addition to vegetarian and vegan dishes. For example, the last time I ate dinner there I had a butternut squash calzone with braised greens and nondairy ricotta in a whole wheat crust, while my companion had a 1/2 lb hamburger with oven-baked, spice-crusted steak fries. Both were delicious, as was the corn risotto cake appetizer. I've also gotten takeout at lunch - really tasty soups and sandwiches. It's my impression that great care is taken in the kitchen. You could also try Black Eyed Suzy's on 7th between 1st and A. It's more laid back, but again a very nice menu with a mix of veg. and organic poultry/fish dishes.

          2. Thanks for your suggestions....the restaurants don't have to be vegitarian though. He still eats fish and chicken.

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              You could certainly order a delicious "heart smart" meal at one of the better greek restaurants, which have good grilled fish and meat, tend to cook with olive oil rather than animal fat and have good breads, vegetables and salads. Molyvos, Periyali and Ithaka are among the Manhattan greek restaurants which have been recommended.

              Likewise many italian restaurants have turned to producing wood-oven grilled and roasted dishes and have dishes without animal fats.

              I think you will find many options if you look around.