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Dec 13, 2000 03:44 PM

looking for an ethiopian grocery store

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hey! i'm looking for a place to find raw material for ethiopian cuisine. can anyone help? thanks!


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  1. There's an African grocery store on 9th between 39th and 40th st. on the West side. They may have what you need.

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      There's an Ethiopian grocery on the north side of W 116th Street between 6th and 8th Avenues, it's tiny and it has been shrinking lately, but I got teff there and some other interesting stuff including tradition Ethiopian spice mixtures.

    2. Welcome, Elizabeth.

      I know I've seen 'em around, but can't think of where. If nobody comes up with a specific tip (though Michele's grocery is a good one and might suit your needs), here's my suggestion: call the Ethiopian Archdiocese up in the Bronx, at (718) 731-3070, and ask whoever answers the phone if they have any tips (they'll start with the Bronx, probably, but just write it all down and then ask about Manhattan). You can also try the Ethipian Mission to the UN at 212.421.1830. Don't be bashful, there's no reason someone won't help you so long as you telegraph that you're not going to ask tons of questions and take up lots of their time (I'd start with "sorry to bother you with this but..."). Let us know what you find out!

      Also, for interesting Ethiopian info, see Jim Dorsch's report at link below, and also use your browser's "search" command to find mentions of "ethiopia", "tef", "t'ef" and "injera" on our "General Topics" message board for lots of info on the cuisine.


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        I believe Kalyustan carries teff (it has all kinds of exotic grains) but I dont know whether they have other specifically ethiopian ingredients.

      2. If you're lookin for teff and don't have any luck with the groceries (or they're not convenient), I have a 5-pound bag of teff I'll sell you for $8 (my cost). Anyone else can email me about this too. I'm at Houston & Broadway.